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About Us

We Are The Best HALAL Certification Company
ننحن أفضل شركة شهادات الحلال

Al-Halal Asia Foundation is an established non-government organization, committed to achieving excellence in helping companies penetrate global markets by building consumer trust and producing quality-driven products.

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Halal Certification

Halal certification is a quality benchmark that ensures that the products to be used are lawful and permitted per the Islamic law.

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Products Required Halal Certification

It is a general misconception that halal certification involves only food products like meat; however, it is way more than that.

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Halal Certification Procedure

There are different types of halal certification, depending upon the nature of the products and businesses.

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Our Services

See Our Halal Services

Brief introduction to the services provided by Al-Halal Asia Foundation.

Halal Certification for food/ Cosmetics/ Pharmacuticals

Halal certification ensures that your products are permissible and lawful per the Islamic law

Food Hygenic Process

A food safety management system, Halal, is an Arabic term means ‘lawful or permissible’

Permited Food Training and Awareness

Halal awareness is the level of knowledge a Muslim has about halal concept and requirements.

Food Export

Halal food expo is the trade show of halal food products and the International Halal Conference

International Consulting Services

Get a professional consultation to help you go through your application and steps to penetrate the international market

Halal Freindly Medical Tourism

One of India’s leading halal certifiers, Halal India, has mentioned that seventy-five percent of the country’s medical tourists are from Islamic countries