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Al-Halal Asia Foundation (Trust) is a well-established Non-Government Organization, based in Delhi, Capital of India aims at providing Halal Certification Services all around the World. Al-Halal Asia Foundation has a team of Qualified Personnel having extensive knowledge of Halal Assurance System as per Islamic Law (Shariah) including technical knowledge of Food and Non-Food Products / Processes with experience in audit methodologies. In our Process of Halal Certification, we follow all essential steps which are needed to certify the Products or Facilities and issue the Halal Certificate after ensuring full compliances of the requirements of the Halal Assurance System. 

Al-Halal Asia Foundation also aims at providing Training on Halal Assurance System by competent Halal Trainers and Experts. At present, Al-Halal Asia Foundation is also organizing On-line / Virtual Training Programmes on Halal Assurance System due to Covid-19 Pandemic to the Participants across the globe.    


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