Food Expo

Halal Certification for Food Expo

Halal food expo is the trade show of halal food products and the International Halal Conference.  International and national Halal industry participants utilize the fantastic opportunity to promote their products and services in the native and global markets. In a broad sense, product display and promotion through such presentation helps to generate awareness among masses. 

Professionals from a wide variety of industries attend to do business and network, offering the most recent products and services for the halal market. It is also a gateway to showcase the highest quality products to health-conscious consumers all over the world. The food expo is the ideal platform for halal commodity buyers and traders to gather under one roof – a possibility of meeting the eastern part of the world with the western part.  
Toronto, Canada hosted the largest halal food festival in North America. As Canada is the cultural hub and home for the maximum percentage of Muslims, the city is the perfect destination for such a celebration. It is the absolute exhibition that brings together the best Halal restaurants of Toronto, catering companies, brands, manufacturers and experts. 

The two-day festival is a complete spread of food sampling from dozens of food exhibitors representing Toronto’s diverse Halal food scene. Variety of restaurants and catering services offer sumptuous meals at the stalls.
Apart from food, the festival is a great platform to enjoy all sorts of entertainment, including various performances, live cooking demonstrations, and a meet-and-greet with famous bloggers. Family food game show is a new inclusion in the festival where fashionista bloggers face-off with food lovers.   

Halal Expo organized in Australia is one of the largest halal trade show and International halal conference. The whole event witnessed the enthusiasm and great pomp among all category people. The exhibition showcased for Halal awareness campaign, Halal products and services promotions, B2B networking, B2C promotions, and entertainment for the visitors of all ages and groups.

The occasion is a fantastic opening for the national and international participants to endorse their products and services in front of the whole world. Moreover, it is an excellent opportunity to generate awareness among the visitors. 

The award-winning progressive organization, Halal Expo Australia (HEA) conducts Halal and Islamic events in Australia for the benefit of everyone. The mission of this organization is to be the Australian based prime centre for sharing skills, expertise and resources for the Halal industry and Halal lifestyle. 

Apart from the exhibitions and various stalls, the organization makes arrangements for conferences with the motto of growth, issues and solution of the Halal industry. Several contemporary and relevant themes of the conferences include Halal and healthy lifestyle, Halal certification and guidelines, Halal trade and economy etc. 
The Halal food festival held in London is another event that turned out on a grand scale for four consecutive years. An extraordinary amount of hard work and determination is involved in putting up such an exhibition. However, it is a matter of pride and gratitude to observe the abundant response from people and enjoy.

The event opens up a unique opportunity to meet Manufacturers, Distributors, Buyers, Wholesalers & Retailers, Policy Makers, Government Representatives, Investors, Thought Leaders, Innovators, and Academics under one roof.   

The food festivals and exhibitions organized in different places have the main motive to generate people conscious about the benefit of Halal food and products. Consumers get the hands-on experience of a large platter of safe and hygienic food items.  These events also provide an invaluable opportunity to discover new business areas and create a platform for investment and trade.