HALAL Certification

What is Halal Certification

Halal certification is a quality benchmark that ensures that the products to be used are lawful and permitted per the Islamic law. It ensures that all the consumables have met halal requirements per Shariah law and can be consumed without any doubt or suspicion. Halal certification is applicable for different products or business communities like restaurants, pharmaceuticals, and storage houses, among others. 

Halal certification helps businesses to penetrate into the international markets and be an entrusted producer for halal consumers present worldwide. This certification allows the businesses to reach to all the consumers; be it Muslims of non-Muslims, who are concerned about their hygiene, safety, health, and overall cleanliness. 

Today, not only Muslim countries, but other countries as well consider halal certification to be one of the most important trademarks when it comes to quality of the product. Many producers and business communities are not allowed to enter the international market without halal certification, hence it acts as one of the notable international marketing tools when it comes to business expansions and reaching out to the international markets