How to get authentic Halal Certificate

How to get authentic Halal Certificate

Halal certified logos allow consumers to stay assured about the quality of the products. It helps them to purchase the products without getting bothered about the ingredients used in them. Worldwide, Muslims are mostly concerned about the use of haram ingredients in the products and with the help of halal certified products, they can consume items that are permissible by Islamic law and are free from any sort of unlawful ingredients. 

Halal certified logos are getting recognition worldwide and for any producer to enter the international market, it is important to get halal certified. There are numerous organizations that provide halal certifications, however, it is always advisable to go with the one which is recognised and  can provide proper training and consultation alongside. 

Before applying for Halal certification, it is important to know that your products are:

  • Not prepared with harmful or impure human material
  • Not a part of any animal that is prohibited by Shariah law
  • Not prepared with impure things per Shariah law
  • Not prepared or processed or manufactured with an instrument that is considered to be impure by Shariah law
  • Not a derivative or in close proximity for the production, processing, and packaging of any item that has failed to fulfil the three requirements mentioned above

After being assured about the product meeting the requirements, one can opt for filling in the application form; which involves questions about the applicant, the nature of the business, and the involvement of the processes and ingredients. 

Once the application is submitted, an audit is done by one Shariah auditor and a technical auditor. During the audit, all the processes and hygiene measures are taken into account and an audit report is made for further consideration. 

As the last step, a technical committee is setup for the final review of the audit report and the certification is issued if all the requirements are met. The whole process involves around amount.