Products Required Halal Certification

Products Which Require Halal Certification

It is a general misconception that halal certification involves only food products like meat; however, it is way more than that. When it comes to being particular about consuming halal products, it is important for Muslims to ensure that all the food items, including processed foods, and non-food items like cosmetics or daily usage products are halal. 

Alongside, many organizations, business owners, industries, agents, and buyers think that all types of vegetables and fruits are halal, irrespective of some vital aspects like packaging, processing, storage, as well as transportation of those vegetables and fruits. However, when it comes to halal certification, all such aspects are audited and taken into consideration thoroughly. 

A food item might be halal, yet its processing can be haram. For instance, some additives which are haram might be added to enhance the taste or delay the expiration or staling of the food item. Not only this, another aspect that is considered while providing halal certification is the premises and the facilities. The facilities used and the premises the food is getting prepared in must not be involved with any sort of production related to haram consumables. The halal food items must not be contaminated by anything that is considered to be haram per shariah law. 

Apart from food items, other products that can be considered for halal certification are listed below:

  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Cosmetics
  • Healthcare products
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Hand bags
  • Furniture
  • Footwear
  • Leather
  • Personal care products
  • Other daily consumable products