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Halal Friendly Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is when individuals travel to another country for medical treatment. Health tourism is a broader term that also covers wellness, and includes spa treatments and yoga retreats. Most of India’s medical tourists are from Muslim countries, according to Halal. Halal medical services consist of medicine to be used without alcohol & pig ingredients, serving of Halal food in the hospital during treatment, and fixing a place with the timetable of daily prayer and many other services. Under this kind of tourism packages, Muslims prefer to avail of their friendly services from the treatment to logistics. It is therefore no surprise that there is a high number of halal-certified hospitals in the country that accommodate the needs of Muslim patients. There are many benefits of halal-certified hospitals to patients. They provide halal food for their patients, have a dedicated prayer hall, and indicate the qibla direction in the hospital rooms, as well as broadcast the call to prayers. They are also respectful of the privacy of female patients. The hospital provides Arabic television channels and Arabic-speaking staff for the convenience of their Arab patients.  The success of any destination in medical tourism is not only dependent on the perception of the quality of medical care in the country but also builds on the general perception of the destination from a tourism perspective. 

Alhalalasia.org is an Independent Certification body that is recognized by governments across the globe. It is one of the established Halal Certification body. Halal Certification for Halal Friendly Tourism is becoming more relevant in today’s market mainly because people are more aware of the Halal concept it is not just about religious related matters but it extends to the products or services being deemed safe for consumption as well as have health benefits.

Halal Medical Tourism hospitals, healthcare facilities, pharmaceuticals, products, and services are meant to attract Muslim patients and provide challenges and opportunities with future research directions. It respects affective and cognitive feelings for Muslim patients seeking halal treatment in halal hospitals.

Patients from Islamic countries choose Halal certified Hospitals. Halal Certification is to add value for patients traveling from Islamic countries like Gulf Countries, SAARC, and Africa regions which constitute around 75% of patient traffic. Hospitals offer a variety of meal choices to patient needs. There are low-salt meals, vegetarian meals, seafood meals, and others. Some hospitals even offer Muslim meals. 

The hospital will provide certified halal meals when they see sufficient demand to justify it. Every Muslim patient should request a halal meal. The statistics indicate that Muslims give preference to Islam friendly hospitals for treatment and logistics both as to a matter of consideration. India is a preferred country for Muslim medical tourists, and the maximum number of patients visiting is from Bangladesh. A large number of medical tourists from Afghanistan, Iraq, Oman, Pakistan, and some other Islamic countries also prefer India for medical treatment. Reasonable treatment expenditure is the prime reason that makes India a desirable place for people from these countries. 

Halal Certification for Halal-friendly medical tourism ensures that measures are strictly followed to be halal friendly. Halal certification wins the trust of patients from Islamic countries. It increases the inflow of foreign patients. It provides a feel at the home environment for foreign patients. Alhalalasia.org is a premium certification body that helps the manufacturers and service providers in obtaining halal certification to provide the community with better choices and improve the quality and hygiene standards of what is being offered to the consumers. We provide consultancy related to halal-friendly medical tourism. We ensure consumer and client satisfaction by providing complete assistance for certification.