Halal Freindly Tourism

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Halal Friendly Tourism

Halal-friendly tourism is a subcategory of tourism which is geared towards Muslim families who abide by the rules of Islam. Halal tourism is a field of study that is still in a very early stage. Despite this fact and the ambiguity found, halal tourism can be understood as the offer of tourist services designed to meet the needs of Muslim tourists per their religious obligations. The hotels in such destinations do not serve alcohol and have separate swimming pools and spa facilities for men and women. The Halal tourism industry also provides flights where no alcohol or pork products are served, prayer timings are announced, and religious programs are broadcast as part of the entertainment offered onboard. Some hotels are completely smoke and alcohol-free, while others provide alcohol-free sections. Many hotel kitchens are becoming Halal food certified. The consumption of properly prepared food is vital to practicing Muslims. Pork is forbidden meat. Certifications must take that into account. Many restaurants in these tourist resort areas are serving completely Halal compliant foods. Other hotels and resorts provide separate areas for men and women including prayer rooms, pools, and even beach access. Halal-friendly tourism includes halal hotels, halal transport, halal food restaurants, halal tour packages, and halal finance. Halal tourism consists of different sectors that are related to each other. 

Halal tourism is a growing market segment, with Muslim tourists seeking destinations that meet their needs, in terms of diet, dress, or rituals. Halal means are permissible per Islamic teaching. Alcohol, pork, nudity, and gambling are off-limits. With a burgeoning middle class and increasing disposable income, many countries – whether Muslim or not are looking to attract these travelers. Given the potential of this sector, the hospitality industry needs to adapt to changing halal requirements to meet the needs of Muslim tourists which is possible with halal certification for halal-friendly tourism in .  Hotels and restaurants should offer halal food at the very least. A destination is then seen as increasingly attractive for Muslim travelers based on the availability of prayer facilities, Muslim-friendly washrooms, and Ramadan-related offerings. While many airports are now offering halal food and prayer rooms, some still lack wash or ablution facilities. 

Every traveler, when moving out from his country of residence and visiting a foreign land hopes to find accommodation, facilities, and services which are Halal certified.  Halal-friendly travel agencies need to ideate, sort, and promote the comprehensive halal travel options available in Muslim and non-muslim countries as well, offering halal certified brands, products, and services. From planning luxury services for cultural tours, destination weddings, marriage get-togethers, honeymoons, yearly family retreats allowing customers to choose and experience uncompromised halal indulgence available.